There are some products, businesses, and programs for which I may post an affiliate link. This link, when clicked, will take you to another website where you may purchase the item linked to, or another item on that same site. Each time someone clicks on the affiliate link and purchases an item through that link, I receive a portion of the sales revenue for that item or items.

Although I do make money from purchases made through these links, my promise to you is to never give an affiliate link for a product, business, or other entity that I do not fully believe in. If I post an affiliate link for a product, it’s because I use or have used that product or others made by the same company, and I trust and believe in it.

I will never post an affiliate link without advising next to the link that it IS an affiliate link. There will also be other verbiage within the post mentioning that affiliate links may be used.

Should you ever have any questions regarding an affiliate link, please do not hesitate to email me at:, and I would be happy to respond.

Thank you.