Plan to Eat – An Honest Review

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This is my honest review of the Plan to Eat menu planning site.

Have you ever done a certain something for so long that, instead of being a comfortable habit, it became an uncomfortable chore you just dreaded each and every week? That’s how I felt about menu planning and creating a grocery list.

For awhile, I had been able to sit down weekly and look at recipes, create a menu plan, and write down a shopping list, but then, as the weeks went on and on, I grew weary of it. I was having serious problems trying to stick with a menu plan. I think a huge part of my issue was that it seemed a bit overwhelming to me to sit down to create a menu and a shopping list all at once, and then still have to do the grocery shopping.

Sure, I could have created a menu for the entire month at once, but that seemed like a huge amount of work, and I am all about doing things as easily as I can while still getting good results, and I am paid weekly, so I budget weekly for groceries. On a typical week, I would create my menu and grocery list on a Saturday, and do the actual grocery shopping on Sunday. Even with splitting up the chores into two separate days, it was something I dreaded doing.

Enter Plan to Eat (<—this is an affiliate or referral link; see above disclosure). I heard about it through an online friend, and signed up for their 30 day free trial. I was immediately hooked!

With Plan to Eat, you can enter your favorite tried-and-true recipes manually, find and save recipes (including pictures!) on the internet, and view and save recipes shared by your friends. You can queue up recipes and create menu plans for the week or month, and it will self-populate a shopping list for you based on your chosen recipes for that menu plan. You can even go into the shopping list, and add or remove as many items as you like. For instance, sometimes a recipe will call for salt and pepper. Well, most people already have salt and pepper, so if you queued up a recipe with salt and pepper in it, then it will self-populate to your shopping list, but you can easily go to your list and remove them without removing anything you do need to buy.  (more…)

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