Easy? Oven Cleaning Trick for A Dirty Oven

Easy? Oven Cleaning Trick for A Dirty Oven



Okay, y’all, this is me, being real. I need an oven cleaning hack. Like, right now. Oh, and it needs to be inexpensive, because that’s how I roll. I am here to save you money, after all!

So, you know how you see something so often that you don’t even notice when that something is getting kind of gross? Like it’s been creeping up on you without you even being aware? Yeah, you know.

Well, that’s what my oven was doing…creeping up on me with baked-on crud and who knows what lying in wait for an unsuspecting baker. That baker was me. Sigh.

I opened my oven this evening, and was pretty grossed out by how nasty it really was. It probably doesn’t help that my kitchen was, like everything else in this house, built in 1960, and has inadequate lighting. I truly had not noticed just how bad the oven had become, until tonight. To be perfectly honest, I think I only barely wiped it out when we moved in here, because I was exhausted from moving, and I don’t remember doing a good deep clean on it since. We’ve lived here for two years.

What’s a girl to do? It’s September already, my birthday is a little later this month, and I might want to bake a cake! Even if I don’t bake a cake, it won’t be long before I will be wanting to do more baking as the weather starts cooling down, the days pass; and before I know it, it will be time to bake holiday goodies.

I’ve used ammonia before with great success on burner rings and gas burner grates, so I figured ammonia would likely do the trick. After a quick trip to what I like to call “Webland” (the internet, in case you’re wondering), I found this Lifehacker post (originally found on One Good Thing by Jillee), and yes, ammonia was the star ingredient!

I always have ammonia on hand, because it really is a versatile cleaner, so I was in business. As Jillee mentioned in her post, never mix ammonia with bleach or any commercial oven cleaners. To be safe, I wouldn’t mix it with anything except the dish liquid mentioned in this post.

Although it’s embarrassing, I am sharing my before pictures. Ugh. It’s so very gross. I really hope I’m not the only one out there with a nasty oven, because if I am, I will just shrink up into a little ball and roll away.

Here are a couple of shots of the oven before. Cue dramatic dum, dum, dum…


“Magical” Carpet Stain Remover

“Magical” Carpet Stain Remover

Carpet Stain Remover


Recently, I noticed some stains on my cream-colored living room carpet. With two teenagers, a dog, and a cat in the house, it’s really not a huge surprise to occasionally see a stain pop up.

2016-08-18 13.13.23

See these yucky stains?


Typically, I will pour a small amount of hydrogen peroxide on a carpet stain, and it takes care of a lot of biological stains, like if a pet doesn’t quite make it outside or to the litter box on time, but it doesn’t work that well on just plain dirt stains, or grease stains, or anything like that.

I happened to be on a forum called Debt Free Fanatics, and one of the members posted a recipe for a “magical” homemade cleaner. She originally found the recipe here at Inspired Housewife, where it was used on the cloth upholstery of a vehicle. Our conversation on Debt Free Fanatics was actually about cleaning microfiber couches, but she said the difference the cleaner made was shocking. Her 6-year old grandson wanted to help, and ended up cleaning the entire loveseat by himself!  I knew it had to be safe as well as easy if a 6-year old could do it, so I decided to try it on my carpet stains. I do have a steam cleaner, so I figured the worst that would happen would be I would end up dragging out the steam cleaner to clean up any mess I might make with this miracle cleaner.

Before making the mix, I had to buy the ingredients, and it just so happened that I had to go grocery shopping later the same day I had seen the recipe, so I added the items to my list, and off I went. I bought a small spray bottle in the travel size section of one of my local Walmart stores, and bought the one other item I needed, as well.


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