Free Daily Planner Printable!

Free Daily Planner Printable!

I’m so excited to be able to offer my first free printable!

Download this high-resolution printable, and print as many as you like. It’s great for keeping track of both your personal and your professional daily notes and appointments or meetings.

Now, you may think it’s cheaper to print things like this at home, but when you have a high-resolution printable, it’s a much better idea to have it printed at your local print shop. Maybe it’s Office Depot, maybe it’s Staples, or hopefully some mom and pop place, but your printable will come out looking much nicer, and generally be more affordable, if you have it done professionally, especially if you are printing a large number of pages.

As well as being more affordable (Ink is EXPENSIVE!) to have it printed by a professional, it will also simply look better. They have better printers and better paper, and personally, I love supporting my local economy whenever I can.

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Click here to download: daily-planner-by-centsible-me

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